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We are excited to accept Round 3 applications for open spots in TK and 3rd grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

Application process:

  1. Fill out an inquiry form and sign up for an open house.
  2. Watch our “What is a covenant school?” video. Learn what it means to be a part of a covenant community and why that is vital to our school.
  3. Tour our school. Visit us in person to observe classes, see our facilities, and learn more about the Charlotte Mason approach to education.
  4. Submit an application.
  5. Complete an applicant assessment. Once your application is processed, each child is evaluated for readiness by a member of our student assessment staff.
  6. Attend a parent interview. Our Head of School and Admissions Team want to get to know you better. We will share our foundational doctrines, the philosophy of our school, and the parent responsibilities at Redeemer School.

Redeemer School is a community of like-minded families committed to nurturing students in their relationship with Jesus Christ and engaging them in the life-long pursuit of wisdom and knowledge as they discover, embrace and integrate God’s truth in all of life.

It is our desire to partner with parents to meet the academic, social and spiritual needs of their children.  The enrollment process is important because both the school and parents want what is best for a child.  Current class structure, class size , academic standing, and learning needs are all considerations that help determine the best fit between the family, the student and the school. If at any time the Admissions Committee determines that it is not able to recommend enrollment, the family will be notified so they may pursue other school options for their child.