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Because we believe that all truth is God’s Truth and that each child is a unique person created in the image of God – fully capable of reasoning, creativity, and relationship and fully in need of God’s grace, we believe the following about the roles of the teacher, student, and curriculum:

Teachers understand and appreciate the developing needs of the whole child.  They seek to motivate learners intrinsically rather than by the use of rewards or punishments. They also strive to help the child make connections with what they have already understood and what they are currently learning.  Redeemer teachers create loving and purposeful atmosphere in their classrooms.  They also use a variety of authentic methods of instruction to improve critical thinking skills and help their students develop concepts and ideas rather than rote memorization of facts.  The teachers communicate regularly with parents in a variety of formats in order to partner with them in their child’s education.

Students are called to develop good learning habits such as attention, thinking, truthfulness, order, imagining, and remembering, courtesy, punctuality, and temper.  Students interact with the teacher, their classmates, Scripture, and characters from great literature each day and develop relationships in which these habits (and many others) are necessary.

Students in all grades are also challenged to serve others.  Each grade serves their schoolmates by presenting a chapel service each year. Teachers and parents organize fund raisers for orphanages in Africa, food collection for the hungry, mercy trips to local nursing homes, and packing boxes for the needy.